Jan 2012

Education: What is the Kha Ri Gude campaign?

In its first year, 357 195 learners were enrolled, with 613 643 in 2009 and a further 610 000 in 2010. In 2011, 658 000 learners have enrolled and South Africa is therefore well on its way to achieving its goal. 

  • The campaign enables learners to read, write and calculate in their mother tongue in line with the unit standards for ABET level 1/Grade 3, and also to learn spoken English.
  • It relies on community participation: members of the community help with the recruitment of teachers and learners, with the selection of venues for classes, and with monitoring.
  • Because it uses the services of volunteers, the campaign creates job opportunities. Over the past two years, the campaign has paid out R750 million to more than 70 000 volunteers, and a further 40 000 volunteers were active and earning a stipend in 2010.
  • Emphasis is placed on making the lessons accessible, so classes are held at times and places that are convenient to the learners. It take place in homes, churches, mosques, schools, prisons and community centres.
  • Learners do not pay for the classes, which makes it possible for the poorest members of the community to attend, but they must commit themselves to attending classes regularly for the duration of the academic year.
  • Classes are offered in all 11 official languages, as well as in Braille and Sign Language.  






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