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Looking at the State of the Nation

The State of the Nation Address, (SoNA), is part of the opening of Parliament and is a key event on South Africa’s Parliamentary and political calendar. It is delivered to a joint sitting of Parliament’s National Assembly and National Council of Provinces.

The President addresses the nation in his capacity as Head of State, not only as Head of Government.

SoNA is an opportunity for the President to take stock of the country’s domestic and foreign situation and to chart a common direction that we should take to enhance and advance our efforts to achieve a better life for all.

During his speech, the President talks about government’s achievements of the past year and looks to the future by presenting a programme for the coming year, called the Programme of Action (PoA). The PoA sets out government’s plans to address various key government programmes.

SoNA  is an annual ceremony of state at which the three arms of the state the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature (Parliament) - come together in one place.