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School fees: who is automatically exempt?

1. Persons who have the responsibility of a parent with respect to a child placed in:

  • a foster home
  • a youth care centre
  • a place of safety
  • an orphanage.

2. A person who is a caregiver of an orphan or a child who has been abandoned by his or her parents and is without any visible means of support.
3.    A person who receives a social grant (such as a child support grant and care dependency grant) on behalf of a child.
4.    A child who heads a household.

What should a parent do to be granted automatic exemption? 
1.    Parents must obtain one of the following documents:
(i)   a sworn statement or affidavit confirmed by the South African Police Service, a social worker or other competent authority, or
(ii)  a court order.
2.    The document must be handed to the principal of the school or a member of the governing body. 

Parents qualifying for full exemption are not required to pay any school fees.