Sept 2011

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Winning letter - Use your talents

I am a 24-year old male, running my very own car wash business. I would like to convey the following message to the youth of Mzansi: let us take the initiative to do things because our economy is in our hands. It is quite evident that that the councillors, mayor as well ministers tend to forget that we the citizens play an integral part in the growth of our economy.
–  Matshediso Edward Rampai, Wolmaransstad, North West


We would like to hear from you
If any of the information published in Vuk’uzenzele has helped you in any way to improve your life, we would love to hear all about it. For example if Vuk’uzenzele has motivated or helped you to start your own business, getting a bursary or a job, please tell us how we have helped you. Don’t forget to include your telephone or cellphone number and address.
Let's change the world

I have realised that many people who have finished matric are at home or do piece jobs and blame it on their poor backgrounds or blame the government. Let’s not blame our poor backgrounds, the government has done its best. If we don’t apply in higher institutions or ask for help, who will apply for us? I came from a rural area where there was no information and my childhood has never been exciting but I told myself that after matric I want to go to varsity regardless of my situation. Now, I’m at varsity studying electrical engineering. Let’s get educated and change the world we live in. We have FET colleges, technikons and universities for us to utilise them.

– Mxolisi Mtsweni, Amsterdam, Mpumalanga

The value of education

One Chinese guy said that education is like a double-edged sword. It may be turned to dangerous uses if it is not properly handled. While the fool wonders, the wise man asks. Victor Hugo is quoted as saying that he who opens a school door, closes a prison. Education is not the preparation for life; it is life itself. Its purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. All teachers, therefore, have to realise that they affect eternity because they can never tell where their influence stops.

– Samuel Radebe, Heilbron, Free State

Face the future

It’s time we face the future in our lives. This process of sitting on the corners and waiting for success to fall into our laps must end. We must be committed to improve our lifestyle as youth of South Africa and be proud of it. We all have different talents and skills, so let’s use them to achieve success so that we can lead our families and feed them. All  of us have different and unique ideas, let’s combine them and be a strong pillar so that we can raise ourselves and our communities up. Our government and many organisations will be willing to help us if they see that we are committed and willing to achieve our goals.

– Vuyisile Nomabunga, Petrusburg, Free State

Unite against HIV and Aids

Let us unite and stand together in our fight against HIV and AIDS. We must stop the hatred and encourage acceptance of those living with the disease. They are human beings just like us and can live a long and healthy life if they get the support they deserve.

It is really painful to be victimised because of one’s status. I suggest that the ones who commit such cruelty should first get tested before pointing fingers. Let’s rather love one another and show our heartfelt support to those around us.

– Ramodipa Emmanuel, Ga-Kgapane, Limpopo

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