Oct 2012

Limpopo Hotline keeps the Premier in touch

Photo caption: The Limpopo Premier’s Hotline is making a difference

Since its launch in April 2011, the Limpopo Premier’s Hotline has provided the citizens of Limpopo with a centralised means of reporting service delivery issues.
The web-based case management system allows for incidents to be swiftly processed and for investigative progress to be closely monitored by the Office of the Premier to ensure that incidents are attended to and appropriately resolved.
The hotline enables residents to call into the call centre in a language of their own.
The Hotline allows the office to keep abreast of the service delivery issues experienced by community members in the Province and identity “hot spots” or trends in this regard so that actions for improvement can be taken. Citizens are provided with feedback on each incident reported, which demonstrates the Office of the Premier’s accountability to its citizens and its commitment to improving service delivery in the Province.

Case One - Working together we can do more
Rodney Masane, a resident in the Tubatse Municipality near Tuang Village called the Presidential Hotline to complain about the provision of adequate water and sanitation in his area.
Masane reported that the water pump ma- chine had insufficient water supply to meet the needs of the community.
After speaking to a Public Liaison Officer (PLO), Masane was advised to write a formal letter to the municipality so that they could intervene and address the challenges.
The PLO and technicians went to the area for an in loco inspection to provide support by improving the capacity of the water levels in the community. Furthermore, communication channels were improved through a meeting that was convened between the inspectors and the municipality representatives which lead to the enhancement of community participation in development programmes.
Since reporting the case, Mr Masane learnt that their service delivery concerns are taken seriously. “We are willing to work together with the Municipality and Government to achieve more.”

Case Two - Thumbs up for road improvements
In another case reported through the Premiers Hotline, Mapula Ledwaba complained about the bad conditions of the roads in the Mahwelereng Hospital View area.
In an email sent to the hotline, Ledwaba reported that the condition of the roads was said to be so bad that people could not drive their cars there and deliveries could not be made. It often becomes worse when there are heavy rains that end up creating floods.
Two days after sending the email, municipal representatives from the Mahwelereng Municipality went to assess the road, which was then graded. The municipality promised residents of Hospital View that between 2012/2013, the road would be fully tarred and a proper bridge built.
Ledwaba was elated with the prompt response from the municipality, which promised to build a bridge. “The new bridge which will be built will also ensure the safety of residents in Hospital View” said Ledwaba.

Presidential Hotline contact number 17737

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