July 2018 1st Edition

Training future gymnasts in rural Thaba Nchu

Written by Galoome Shopane
Kediemetse Moloeloe wants to put Thaba Nchu in the Free State on the map through her passion for gymnastics as she teaches young children and youth about this sport.

Kediemetse Moloeloe wants to put Thaba Nchu in the Free State on the map through her gymnastics where she is teaching young children and youth about this sport.Moloeloe owns the Thaba Nchu Gymnastics Club at Mmabana Cultural Centre in Thaba Nchu which has 50 students.

“At the moment I train children and youth with the youngest one being six years-old and the eldest seventeen.”

“Seeing these kids full of joy is my pride and pleasure keeps me doing what I do every day.”

Moloeloe (35) is a retired gymnast who has represented South Africa at the Gymnastrada in 1999 and again in 2007 during the World Gymnatrada in Austria.

She was introduced to gymnastics more than two decades ago and has never looked back.

“Gymnastics taught me a lot about discipline and rising up after failing. This is a very disciplined sport. When you fall down you have no choice but to get up.”

After retiring from competing she decided to pursue a career in statistics and economics especially since she had a qualification in this field but the love for gymnasium kept drawing her back.

She opted to approach the Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation in the Free State to pursue her dream of opening a centre where children and youth can become gymnasts.

 Moloeloe added that she also wanted to see young people occupied in something positive especially with all the social ills in her community.

The road to having a gymnastic club was not easy for Moloeloe.

“The first year was extremely difficult having to pay rent for the club that only had one student. We worked hard in marketing our business for the community to know more about it.”

According to Moloeloe the club started gaining momentum two years after it was established and since then it has continued to be a success.

Highlighting some of the club’s achievements Moloeloe points out that one of her student’s acheived a silver medal during the National Gymnast Games last year.

“I want to put Thaba Nchu on the map and let people see that this rural place has talent and that is what has kept me home bound. If I can put one child on an Olympic stage I will be very proud,” said Moloeloe.

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