Nov 2016 2nd Edition

City Power gives youth opportunity

Written by Albert Pule

Local government

City Power is boosting efforts to create job opportunities for young people.

The lives of 24 young people will change for the better as a result of City Power’s programme to recruit inexperienced graduates and give them a chance to enter the job market.

The engineering students will form part of City Power’s effort to create employment for young people and produce certified engineers over the next three years.

The training programme will not only benefit graduates but will also benefit City Power, as it plans to respond quicker to service disruptions and improve performance efficiencies while ensuring skills transfer.

Managing Director for City Power Sicelo Xulu said the response from young people across the country was satisfactory.

“Almost 200 qualified engineers came to our offices. It was disheartening to see how many young people are sitting at home with degrees, unable to find work.

“There are not enough professional engineers in the country. This initiative is not just good for City Power or the Engineering Council of South Africa, ultimately it will raise the competency levels of engineers in the country. We need other energy utilities to join the cause by providing on the job training.”

The programme is designed to challenge other utilities to follow suit and hire young minds to assist in elevating the sector through professionalisation.

National Treasury has allocated R7.7 million for the programme, which will be used as remuneration for the learners during the course.

The programme is designed for individuals who wish to be registered as professional engineers. By participating in the programme learners will become recognised as professional Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) members.

In order to qualify for professionalisation, applicants must possess accredited qualifications in the engineering field.

“Employers are increasingly requiring registration with ECSA as a prerequisite for appointment to certain engineering positions. Graduates that have not registered with the professional body will find it difficult to find jobs in the engineering sector.

“This programme is not only a job opportunity for previously unemployed youth, but also elevates learners’ existing qualifications. The successful implementation of this programme may encourage National Treasury to give us more funding for a larger intake next year,” said Xulu.

City Power plans to continue recruiting new graduates after it has selected the top 24 learners who will participate in the programme this cycle.

For more information call: 011 490 7573

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