Mar 2012

Letters to the Editor

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Winning letter - Never try to buy stolen goods

Never try to buy stolen goods from criminals, especially if they are going to steal it for you and then promise to sell it to you at half price. Don’t fall for their stories and don’t give them your money, as you will regret what you had done when it’s too late. If you want something, do not buy it or make deals with criminals and strangers, because within 30 minutes your money will be gone and the criminal will also be gone with nothing left for you.

You cannot report the incident even if you have proof to go to the police; you are the one who will get into trouble since you were going to buy the stolen goods. This means you are also a criminal. So even though you lost a lot of money, you’ll just have to let it go. While initially you thought you were a clever, you found out the hard way that you made a stupid mistake. So be careful, buying stolen goods is a crime and crime does not pay.

- Khamadi Joseph, Allanridge, Free State.


Stay one step ahead

We are always told about the scarcity of employment, but is it really true? Government departments are always mandated to create jobs in their sector and thousands of jobs are created annually. I often hear youth complaining about the lack of employment, but the real problem lies amongst us. The fact is, we as the youth don't read enough or use government facilities regularly to access information.

We also don't volunteer enough and gain some experience or open businesses to boost our economy and be closer to opportunities offered by government. I would like to encourage our youth to start reading because readers are winners. If we always stay one step ahead and know important information then the future is filled with so many possibilities.

– Andries Lebone, Botshabelo, Free State


Keep our environment clean

Let's educate people about keeping our environment clean. People from our communities are throwing rubbish everywhere; they also burn grass and trees; they make water from the rivers and dirty by throwing rubbish inside them. I'm concerned about living organisms inside the water, because they die from suffocating, as there is plastic in the water. Many people are getting diseases from rubbish and allergies from smoke.

We must plant trees and sustain them instead of burning them.

Everyday I collect rubbish around my yard and put them in a drum instead of burning them. We must all participate towards making our environment clean and safe.

- Matlala Moraba, Mashashane, Limpopo


Use land productively

The culture of growing our own food in rural areas is highly ignored and deeply despised. Where are we heading? The land provides food for people to live, but most refrain from using this golden opportunity at their disposal.

We tend to believe that we will always be spoon fed by someone else. Our ancestors did manual farming, while we have machines, but we still do nothing. Let us go back to the drawing board and make the best use of our land to provide for ourselves.

– Masemola, Marishane, Limpopo



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