Mar 2012

Shape your future with FET education

Written by Tlabo Sehata
When Meshack Fhumulani Nemudzivhadi landed at then Johannesburg Technical College after matriculating at Tshinanga Secondary School in Venda, his aim was to improve his matric results so he could be able to meet the required marks to go study medicine.

Meshack Fhumulani NemudzivhadiLittle did Nemudzivhadi know that getting career guidance while at the college would make him develop a passion for electrical engineering.

Nemudzivhadi studied further and in 2Tlabo Sehata002 completed NQF6 in Electrical Engineering, Heavy Current. At the time of his graduation, the institution was renamed Central Johannesburg College for Further Education and Training (FET).

Leadership opportunity

After completing his studies, Nemudzivhadi got a four-year learnership opportunity at Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (MERSETA) that exposed him to the world of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

Upon completion, he had already been working for Carrier Service at Jet Park in Ekurhuleni as a Maintenance Technician.

Gauteng News caught up with the 34-year-old at his workplace and upon arrival, we found him hard at work fixing refrigerated delivery trucks.

"I love my job very much. I do this daily to ensure these trucks function well before they load food so you can go to supermarkets and buy fresh stuff.

"My FET and learnership qualifications have opened opportunities for me and coupled with what I am learning at work, I believe that at this stage I can start my own company," Nemudzivhadi said.

Put in extra effort

Nemudzivhadi was quick to dispel the perception that employers look down upon candidates with FET education.

"That is not true. It depends on how individuals want to shape up their own future. You just have to believe in yourself and make sure that when you are given an opportunity, you perform to the best of your abilities and put in an extra effort.

"If I want to earn more money it would be up to me to enrol for part-time studies to upgrade my qualifications," Nemudzivhadi said.

Nemudzivhadi's advice to matriculants from disadvantaged backgrounds and those without good results is that they should consider studying at FETs.

"I encourage learners not to take FET colleges for granted. Unlike conventional universities, FETs are affordable and there are a number of bursaries made available by government and private companies because there's a shortage of technical skills out there.

"There are also opportunities to upgrade and improve on your Maths and Science while there in case your matric results were not too good. FETs are good because they really give every student attention to make sure they become the best," he said.

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