Dec 2011

Letters to the Editor - Give us a piece of your mind

Winning letter - Teach your children while they are still young

Life has taught me that it is best to teach your children about life while they are still young. Let’s teach our kids to start saving money from an early age, even if it is just R1.00 a day. This will help them control their use of money even when they are old. Let’s teach our kids to read, because the more they read the more knowledge they gain, it can be a newspaper or a magazine. Let’s teach our children the importance of watching and listening to the news. Most important let us teach our children the importance of communication, let us help our children with home works, and stop complaining that the educators are not doing their work, after all it is your work too.

– Refilwe Bloem, Mahikeng, North West

We would like to hear from you
If any of the information published in Vuk'uzenzele has helped you in any way to improve your life, we would love to hear from you. Don't forget to include your telephone or cellphone number and address.
Teach the youth to fish

It is better to teach a man to fish than giving him a fish for the day. So I would like government to open doors for those who did not manage to finish their matric studies to get learnerships. I'm not saying government should just give jobs to the youth – government has already done a lot for the us. We must therefore not be lazy and complain that government is useless; we should rather stand up and strive for survival by going out and doing things for ourselves.

Have you thought what profitable things you can do with the time wasted by sitting at home, waiting for fate to come and save you from yourself. Let's work hand-in-hand with our government and try to overcome poverty, crime and unemployment in this country.

– Thembisa Ngaka, Sedgefield, Western Cape

You are the best ever

I’m a vibrant young person and I would like to thank Vuk’uzenzele for making a huge important contribution towards youth. I went to the bursary website it recommended for me and I got what I wanted. Now I have a bursary from the law firm and some scholarship for next year for studying LLB at Fort Hare University. I must consider on going for a bursary or scholarship thanks to the great newspaper ever. I encourage the young people to not give up in life no matter how hard. Government has introduced something we always wanted. Thanks to the NYDA for creating learnerships for young people.

– Kagiso Rabyang, Tlhabane, North West

Let's cure TB

South Africa was able to manage diseases like Polio by giving its citizens proper medication. TB can also be cured if infected individual make it their responsibility to take medication. Keep in mind that All South Africans are affected by this pandemic and everyone is also vulnerable to it, so there is no more time to worry about the stigma, worry about your health being. Local Clinics do offer "rouforfour" (TB medication), take a stand and be healed.

– Kagiso Monama, Hammanskraal, Gauteng

Fed-up to my knees

I’m fed-up to my knees with age limit. When you apply for a job, even if you have the necessary requirements, you don’t qualify because of your age (I am 55 years old). When you apply for a grant, you are told that you are young. How old are we supposed to be? Age limit is a severe punishment to those who are older than 35 years.

– Julia Gcobokazi, Sterkstroom, Eastern Cape

You have motivated us

Vuk’uzenzele has motivated the Lonwabo community services primary co-oporative in a way that we have registered our own co-operative in a period of four months. We have reached different business service providers, SEDA, Reddoor and other organisations. We have registered, applied for funds, joined organisations. Presently, we are about to start a business initiative to start a small Internet café and we are looking forward to embarking on other developing projects. These endeavours have been inspired by Vuk’uzenzele magazine – now a newspaper.

– Lawrance Keith, Paarl, Eastern Cape

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